Depending upon your politics, the recent passing of the historic healthcare reform bill has you high-fiving friends and co-workers or preparing for Armageddon, as it will most certainly usher in a period pestilence, poverty, and perniciousness.

So whether you’re popping corks on some bubbly or stocking your bomb shelter, one thing is certain – entrepreneurs are busy at work looking for better ways to improve healthcare in our country. The undeniable fact, regardless of the fate of healthcare reform, is that our course to providing basic services is unsustainable.

We have been spending more on a per capita basis than any other nation, yet patient outcomes and related health indices show we do not lead the world in healthy populations – far from it.

Clearly market conditions are ripe for the introduction of bold and disruptive solutions that leap ahead of the treatment of symptoms and focus instead on cause, prevention and efficiencies. From advances in patient information systems and remote diagnostics to bold new thinking in prevention and wellness programs, new and innovative things will come forth.

For our nation’s sake, entrepreneurs will largely stay out of the theatrics and political folly and quietly go about improving the lives of citizens. Wouldn’t it be nice if our elected officials, those put in office by us, could rise above and remember to do the same?

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  • Thom Ruhe Director of Entrepreneurship The Kauffman Foundation