Millennials Twitter Chat Discusses Relevance of Business Plans, Whether to Co-Found or Not


Ideas are a dime a dozen, but the execution of that idea is another thing altogether. Those of the millennial generation are coming up with more and more ideas, but once they have an idea for a business, they need to know what to do next. We took to Twitter, with the help of our special guest the U.S. Small Business Administration (@SBAgov), to discuss what you do next in our Twitter chat "Starting Up' What You Need to Know".

Here are some of our favorite responses from the chat.

Q1. I've got an idea for a business, but how do I validate whether it's a good idea or not? ‪#MillennialTreps

Q2. Is it better to go into business alone or with a co-founder? ‪#MillennialTreps

Q3. What type of financing is available to help me get started? ‪#MillennialTreps

Q4. Do I need a business plan, or are those outdated? ‪#MillennialTreps

Q5. What laws or regulations should I be concerned about as I start my business? ‪#MillennialTreps

Thanks for everyone’s participation, and we look forward to hearing from you more in future Twitter chats. To see the full list of tweets, check out #MillennialTreps on Twitter and follow @KauffmanFS to see when we’ll be having our next chat.

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  • Amanda Schnieders