Turning Customer Profiles Into Content Strategies


Before you even begin to think about marketing to your customers, you have to understand what they care about and what information will be interesting to them. Trying any tactics before this is irresponsible for your company.

 Once you have an idea of your customer’s daily routine, you need to understand what they would find helpful or valuable. Anita Newton helps lay down how to think through the next steps in her Entrepreneurial Marketing – Content Strategy exercise with the following questions:

  • Develop a description of your target customer and their day from start to finish.
  • As a team agree on who is the ideal target. This is important, because everyone’s efforts have to be channeling towards the same thing.
  • What are their hopes, fears, pain points, challenges?
  • Where does our target customer go to learn about our industry? Be specific.
  • As a team generate a list of at least 25 topics that would be of interest to our customers.
  • After completing the list of topics, ask: Is our content - actionable, educational, inspirational, outrageous and/or useful?
  • Who on our team has the skills to contribute to content?
  • See how to organize your content strategy within your overall marketing strategy and budget in Anita’s full video on Content and Objectives.

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  • Amanda Schnieders