Twitter Chat Recap: Why Measuring Goals is Vital to Your Marketing Strategy

Starting with a random array of marketing tactics is never a good idea, no matter how free or exciting the tools are. Diving into marketing without understanding your niche in the market or where your competition stands in comparison could end up costing you greatly down the line.

This month’s #MillennialTreps Twitter chat with the U.S. Small Business Administration on “How to Market Your Startup” was packed with advice about what questions you should have answered before you even begin to think about marketing and the different resources that can help out a Millennial entrepreneur.

The funds are usually low or nonexistent when starting a new company. That’s why it’s important you don’t blow the little budget you have on willy-nilly marketing tactics without a plan for what you are trying to accomplish. Planning is crucial. As participants in this month’s chat told us, a good plan can be the difference between a successfully branded company with an audience that cares about it and, well, nothing.

These were just a few of the responses. Here are some more of our favorites.

Q1: Before you begin marketing, what questions should you have answered about your business? #MillennialTreps