Why Entrepreneurs Struggle Closing the Deal

Are you the person who can close this deal?

It seems like a pretty easy question to ask. It’s vitally important to the sales process, and yet, entrepreneurs struggle time and time again properly qualifying the people in front of them when trying to make a sale, close a deal or ignite a partnership.

Founders School expert and University of Chicago Booth School of Business professor Craig Wortmann breaks down why this discipline trips entrepreneurs up and how to solve it.

“Qualifying is something that sales people, me included, are really bad at,” Wortmann says. “Why? Because it’s hard. It’s kind of awkward, uncomfortable and takes tremendous discipline.”

In these videos, Wortmann explains why qualifying is vital in the first meeting with someone, not nine meetings in, and how to go about qualifying customers in a way that isn’t weird or overbearing.

Why Qualifying is Vital