Welcome to Kauffman Entrepreneurs!

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation created entrepreneurship.org as an online resource for people growing great ideas – people just like you.

We have updated the site to give it a fresh new look and have reorganized the content and added a few features.. 

Here’s what’s new:

Navigation and Usability

  • The upgraded on-site search allows you to quickly find content by filtering on business stage, topic, contributor, or content type.

  • The site is now built to work on devices with smaller screens, such as phones and tablets, in addition to desktop computers.

Site Features

  • New Learning Paths guide you through the Kauffman Founders School series’ and provide related learning materials in a grouped experience. You can take these at your own pace to customize your learning.
  • Each article, video or audio podcast now asks you “Was this helpful?” and  allows you to vote easily with a click on a thumbs up or thumbs down. Selecting thumbs up allows you to easily share the content. If you select thumbs down, you can provide a quick comment to help us improve. We value your feedback on the types of content that are most relevant so we can continue to improve.

Stay Tuned in 2017

  • Updates to the content and functionality of the site are top priorities, as well as integrations with other Kauffman educational resources. We will look to your feedback for guidance.

We are proud to have Kauffman Entrepreneurs be part of your entrepreneurial journey and look forward to making the most of 2017.