Entrepreneurial Marketing: Introduction

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In this series, Anita Newton develops the Quad Marketing Framework. This approach to building a marketing strategy ensures that you begin from a strong foundation that consists of customer understanding and your own value proposition, and walks you through the steps you need to take to develop, execute, and evaluate your own sound marketing strategy.


I’ve spent my career in marketing. Along the way I’ve had the great fortune of managing $1 billion advertising budgets, and I’ve also tried to stretch $1,000 over the entire year. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 brands and build‑it‑in‑your‑basement startups. I’ve negotiated deals with the NFL, Oprah and every major network. And as I’ve worked with companies, both large and small, what I realized in terms of marketing is certain patterns emerged. I created this framework to help make sense of the many marketing activities and tactics you can choose with the goal of building brand awareness, generating interest and growing sales in the marketplace. My name is Anita Newton. I’m a marketer. And I help companies grow.

I see companies fail because they don’t spend the upfront time really understanding who is their customer, what problem are they really solving. Unlike ten years ago you had to have a big budget and an army of people. Today all you need is a really good product that meets a customer need, a few people who are smart, willing to hustle and some basic marketing tactics and you can take over the world.