Powerful Presentations: Mastering Q&A – Introduction

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Questions are typically the one thing you can count on happening as soon as you finish your formal presentation or product demo. These videos will teach you how to answer questions more effectively, especially the most difficult ones and those for which you don’t have ready answers at hand. You will learn several techniques to make Q&A sessions more memorable (in a good way) and to build effectively on the strength and credibility established during your presentation.


Now that you’re done with your formal presentation, the next thing that typically comes afterwards is your Q&A session, and that’s where I find a lot of entrepreneurs tend to fall down. Why? Because they haven’t rehearsed the questions. Your answers are nothing more than little miniature presentations, and they should be rehearsed just as much, if not more, than the presentation itself. The actual time you spend doing formal presentations is minuscule compared to the amount of time that you actually are answering questions, whether it’s in a formal setting, or in line getting coffee. So this little series is going to help you figure out better ways to be more effective in how you answer those questions.