For People Growing Great Ideas has evolved over the years to our most current release, focusing on the needs of savvy entrepreneurs and innovators. We strive for an interactive experience that provides rich, current content to assist entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. is meant to inspire by covering the entrepreneurial conversation, educate by providing curriculum, resources and tools and activate by providing opportunities to interact and connect.

Our new channel structure is a collection of content and information that covers the latest issues and insights affecting entrepreneurs. Each channel focuses on key topics that are current and relevant. They have a focused mission, targeting a specific educational program, audience or topic. There is also a list of entrepreneurial events, submitted by organizations around the world.

We have sectioned the channels into three categories: Education, Startup Communities and Opinion (with the Industries section to follow).


Kauffman Founders School is a robust online curriculum for entrepreneurs. Through lectures and a rich curriculum, entrepreneurs gain the skills to build ideas into something big.

The Ice House is an online learning program designed to inspire and engage participants in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset.

Whether you are starting or growing a company, the Kauffman FastTrac programs will help you live your dream at each stage of business.

Kauffman Labs engages Kansas City entrepreneurs to increase visibility, access, resources and testing Kauffman educational offerings.

eshipLaw is a legal issues resource and community for entrepreneurship law professors. Included is a list of clinics operated at law schools in the United States that provide assistance to entrepreneurs and innovators.

Startup Communities:

ID8 Nation explores the entrepreneurial ecosystems of cities across the nation to find out what creates a thriving entrepreneurial scene.

1 Million Cups is a network of cities facilitating a weekly entrepreneur education program engaging, teaching and supporting nascent entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship Med (eMed) is an ecosystem for the Life Science and Digital Health entrepreneur to the expertise needed on the entrepreneurial.


Top of Mind hosted by Thom Ruhe, vice president of entrepreneurship at the Kauffman Foundation, is a video channel providing the latest in entrepreneurial news and discussion that impacts the world of startups.

Top of Mind also has a blog component, generated by the Entrepreneurship team at the Foundation. This provides weekly updates on what is going on around the Foundation, summaries of events in the entrepreneurship community and commentary on current events surrounding and affecting startups and entrepreneurs.

Why Kauffman? As the recognized leader in the study of entrepreneurship, we believe it is paramount to our mission to help provide entrepreneurs what they need when they need it. We also know entrepreneurs don’t have time to waste, so our site redesign will help them find the things they are searching for quicker.

If you can’t find what you need, write your suggestions to us at

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