Active Pursuit Proves Key in Finding Your Startup Community [Twitter Chat Recap]

If you’re looking for a startup community, the key is to be active in your pursuit.

This month’s #MillennialTreps Twitter chat with the U.S. Small Business Administration on “Finding Your Community” was full of advice about how to break into the entrepreneurship ecosystem, whether that be in your state, city or right outside your door.

Nothing comes from sitting back and waiting for others to come to you. Participants backed up the idea of reaching out to one person you know with a specific ask and following the chain of events from there. Others iterated you should attend as many events as possible in order to start deciphering which ones you like and which ones you don’t.

 These were just a few of the responses. Here are some more of our favorites.

Q1: As an entrepreneur starting out, where should you go to find community support? #MillennialTreps