What You Need to Know About Angel Groups

07/28/2016 00:02:31 to watch

You have a group of people that get together with nominal leadership that’s often elected from the membership itself. There are bylaws, rules and customs that help organize how the angel group operates, as a whole, and how investments are made.

Suggested Readings

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Angel Capital Association - ACA is a collective of accredited angel investors, North America's most prolific early-stage investment class. The association is the largest angel professional development organization in the world.

ACA Featured Research on angels, the angel investing process and the market that impacts how angels invest.

Questions for You

What are the local angel groups near me?

What is their custom for soliciting investments?

What is my plan for fostering and continuing engagement with a potential angel investor?

Questions for Your Team

What are the local angel groups in our area?

What are their customs for soliciting investment?

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