Your First Meeting with an Angel Investor

07/28/2016 00:03:46 to watch
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A common mistake entrepreneurs make when they first meet an investor is talking too much. A real conversation and dialogue is much more effective.

Questions for You

What is my two-minute description of my company?

What are my follow-up questions if an investor is not interested in investing?

What are my follow-up questions if an investor is interested in investing?

What is my follow-up process?

In what other capacities could this angel serve my company or me?

Questions for Your Team

What is our company’s two-minute description?

Tools and Exercises

Video Yourself: Video yourself pitching before your meeting. Watch it. Be aware of any idiosyncrasies that bog down your presentation or any exaggerations that can be toned down or backed up by more facts. Include a Q&A portion with one of your co-founders or leadership team. You’ll want to see how you handle Q&A just as much as the actual pitch.

Take the top three easiest and the top three most difficult questions you typically receive and record yourself giving the answers to those questions. Watch the results and see if you can spot the differences in how your facial expressions reveal themselves. (From Powerful Presentations: Mastering Q&A – ‘Body Language Matters’)

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