Your First Meeting with a VC

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The best VC meetings are very dynamic, where both sides are riffing off of each other on strategy, business development and creative ideas. So, if you’re in a meeting with a venture capitalist who’s pushing on new areas, run with it!

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Questions for You

Who can I talk with before the initial meeting? What information might they be able to give me about how the meeting will go? Who will be in the room?

What questions do you have for a venture capitalist about your business that can keep your meeting dynamic?

What advice or guidance would you like from a venture capitalist?

What’s the credibility behind your pitch and company claims?

Questions for Your Team

What credibility or validation can you help build for investor pitch meetings?

Tools and Exercises

Video Yourself: Video yourself pitching before your meeting. Watch it. Be aware of any idiosyncrasies that bog down your presentation or any exaggerations that can be toned down or back up by facts. Include a Q&A portion with one of your co-founders or leadership team. You’ll want to see how you handle Q&A just as much as the actual pitch.

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