Recruiting Your Board Members

07/28/2016 04:48 to watch
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Have a wide lens. It’s very easy to think about your own direct network, people you know or investors that invest in your company, and then go only one degree further. Thinking about recruiting board members in the early stages is powerful.

Suggested Readings

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Questions for You

Who do I want to start building a connection with as a potential board member now?

Am I doing proper due diligence on potential board members? Have I checked their off-the-sheet references? Have I spent time with them outside of a formal setting?

Questions for Your Team

Who in my networks or other networks could I offer as good board members for the company?

Tools and Exercises

Trying out a potential board member: Invite them to a board meeting and see how they interact with the other members and yourself.

Verifying your Board Member’s Understanding: When getting close to choosing a board member, have your board member pitch you or someone else on the company. Make sure they fully understand the company and share a passion for the ins-and-outs of the organization and where it is going.

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