Board Functions and Responsibilities

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The board of directors is a formal construct for every company that essentially provides governance for the company. Their duty, in a variety of formal and informal responsibilities, is to ultimately serve the best interest of the company. The CEO should create a transparency with the board that builds the board’s faith in the CEO as the person to run the company.

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Questions for You

When should I form a board?

How could board members currently help me with the business?

Should I create an advisory board, a board of directors, or both? What best suits my company?

Does my funding model affect my need for a board of directors?

Questions for Your Team

What would my interaction with the board of directors be if the company created one?

Tools and Exercises

Advisory Board vs. Board of Directors: Make a list of the pros and cons of both. What does your company need at this point in the way of advice, help, and commitment?

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