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How To Keep Your Family Life Cool When Your Venture Heats Up

Starting a company and remaining an active member of your family is no easy task. In some ways, a startup becomes the newborn of a family–whiny and constantly craving attention. It doesn’t leave a lot of room for other people to enjoy your company, and as many middle children know, this can leave others feeling left out and abandoned.

Startups: How to Build Something People Will Buy

“No business plan survives first contact with customers,” Steve Blank says. What? Isn’t the point of planning that you maximize the likelihood of success in the marketplace? Well yes, but perhaps not the kind of planning you might be thinking about. A business plan conceived on paper, powered by a great idea or invention, enhanced by research on the size of the market and a customer profile, has great potential. But it also has a crucial flaw.

How Three Audacious Entrepreneurs Reimagined Age-Old Industries

We have interviewed dozens of accomplished entrepreneurs for our Founder Genius clips. We’ve talked with them about topics ranging from founding team dynamics, balancing the entrepreneurial life, sales and presentation strategies, and how they tackle the challenges of protecting intellectual property.