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Funding Growth

It is always a happy day when someone at the company is doing so well that we can give them more responsibility. We try to promote from within as much as we can, but you also have to realize that’s not always possible. You might require a skillset that doesn’t exist in your company currently.

[Twitter Chat] Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a Mentor

There is one consistent asset all successful entrepreneurs have in common–a pivotal mentor. For every other resource that helps an entrepreneur turn their dream into a venture, a mentor who helps to make a connection, point out an unseen pivot or lend an intellectual ear is crucial and mandatory along the way.

Pitfalls in Hiring, Ways to Motivate a Team Arise in Twitter Chat

When you’re building a company from nothing, you need to be aware of the skills and expertise you lack. This may seem like a heavy focus on the negative, but if you’re not aware of your weaknesses, you won’t know what type of people you need to bring onto your team in order to grow your venture.