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By understanding what social scientists have learned about human motivation, entrepreneurs can understand what moves people, and why it matters for their business.

Suggested Readings

Founders School || Leadership and Motivation || The Big Lesson || Impact Guide (PDF).

Pink, Daniel H. 2009. Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. New York: Riverhead Books. Chapters 1 "The Drive and Fall of Motivation 2.0", 2 "Seven Reasons Carrots and Sticks (Often) Don't Work", 2A "...and the Special Circumstance When They Do", and 3 "Type 1 and Type X".

Amabile, Teresa M. and Steven J. Kramer. 2011. The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement, and Creativity at Work. Cambridge: Harvard Business Review Press.

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Questions for You

What lessons can I draw from the science of motivation to help me understand how to be a better leader?

Do I use if/then rewards? Have they been effective?

How can I improve the motivation of those around me?

Am I paying people fairly? Am I paying people well?

Am I providing room for autonomy and self-direction?

Am I allowing people to make progress every day?

Does each of us understand why we are doing what we are doing?

Questions for Your Team

What motivates us?

Do we have room for autonomy and self direction?

Do we understand why we are doing what we are doing?

How can we improve the motivation of our team?

Tools and Exercises

Reflect on instances when you’ve been most motivated/least motivated? What factors influenced your motivation level?

Think about how you communicate to others WHY they are doing what they are doing.

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