Motivating by Mastery

07/28/2016 00:04:55 to watch
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The striking insight here is that the single greatest motivator in work by far is making progress in meaningful work. A sense of progress is inherently motivating.

Suggested Readings

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Questions for You

Why is mastery important to me?

How can I foster mastery in the people that work with me?

Progress depends on feedback. Where do I get feedback?

How can I talk less, and listen more?

Questions for Your Team

How was your day? Were you motivated? Why or why not? Did you feel productive?

How important is mastery to me?

How can I help our team foster mastery?

Am I getting regular feedback on my performance?

Does leadership ask me how things are going?

Tools and Exercises

Try weekly meetings to check in on progress, give feedback on performance.

Make a list of the ways in which you’ve progressed during the last six months, the last year? What satisfaction have you derived from that process?

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