Building the Right Team for Growth

07/28/2016 06:25 to watch

One of the most important things in scaling is the team. The team includes you as the founder, your team and the culture you build. It will entail relinquishing some element of control. This can be difficult, but you can’t properly scale the company without handing over some amount of power.

Suggested Readings

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Founder’s Dilemmas – “Challenges on the Road to Growth” with Noam Wasserman

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Leadership and Motivation with Daniel Pink. Every day, and in many ways, an entrepreneur must lead and persuade others. Understanding what motivates people, how to inspire them to do their best work, and how to lead with purpose and vision is essential for any entrepreneur.

Questions for You

What is my role in scaling?

What kind of founder do I want to be?

How do I gather feedback on what kind of job I’m doing in the company?

Who are the people I would include in my composite mentor?

Would a coach be helpful as I’m scaling my company?

In what areas do I need to bring in specialists to get the company to the next level?

Where can I grow internal members to take on larger roles in the scaling phase?

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