Monitoring Your Metrics

07/28/2016 04:06 to watch
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Don’t fudge the metrics. You’ve calculated your economic model to predict your future profits from current losses. Now, don’t be overly optimistic. Pay attention to the metrics that signal the greatest impact on your business and be realistic in your measurements.

Suggested Readings

Founders School || Scaling Your Company || Monitoring Your Metrics || Impact Guide (PDF).

Dave Cliffe. “How metrics-based monitoring can help prevent your next outage.” Tech Beacon. Blog post. November 2015.

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Questions for You

Am I being realistic with myself in analyzing these future profits according to the existing metrics?

What are the one to two key metrics my team and I should focus on?

Does my team know these key metrics?

Have I set aggressive, engaging goals around them?

Questions for Your Team

What are the key metrics the team is focused on for the company?

Are we engaged around and excited about these metrics?

Tools and Exercises

Create a management dashboard for your key performance metrics in "Financial Monitoring: Your Performance Metrics” with Bill Reichert

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