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As companies get bigger, most founders see culture as their main job. Culture is vision, values and tone, and what you end up with is a framework for making decisions and taking action.

Suggested Readings

Founders School || Scaling Your Company || Your Team's Culture || Impact Guide (PDF).

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Questions for You

Is my vision for the company consistent?

Do I communicate my vision clearly to my company?

How do I focus my team on the top goals we need to be striving towards?

How do I drive team alignment to match with my goals and the team’s goals?

Questions for Your Team

How does the founder or how do the founders communicate the vision with the entire company?

Where could this be stronger?

What are the perceived top goals we should be striving towards?

Tools and Exercises

Leadership and Motivation – “Motivating by Purpose” with Daniel Pink

Leadership and Motivation – “Attunement in Leadership” with Daniel Pink

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