The Power of the Pause

07/28/2016 01:52 to watch
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Answering a question too quickly can sometimes lead to the opposite impression you are trying to make. Learn how pausing before answering can be very powerful and help to create a good rapport with your audience.

Questions for You

Do I pause before answering questions?

Do I give myself time to think about the question before answering?

Are the pauses I’m taking creating a good or disruptive rapport with the audience?

Questions for Your Team

Do we pause before answering questions?

Are the pauses we’re taking creating a good or disruptive rapport with the audience?

Tools and Exercises

Pausing is a skill that requires attention and practice at work and home! Here are some exercises to try in order to make you more aware of the need for a pause:

Pay close attention to the questions you get during your day and prepare yourself to pause before answering. When the question comes in, be sure and pause before answering, even if it seems uncomfortable to you and the other people.

To experiment with the pause, try doubling the amount of time you might pause before answering a question and take notice of the audience. Pausing for unusual amounts of time can often generate new insights or change the tone of a talk or meeting.

When texting, try to pause before you reply. The habit of always responding immediately to text messages can sometimes affect how we answer verbal questions.

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