Body Language Matters

07/28/2016 02:00 to watch
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As with most personal communications, your body language, especially your facial expressions, may be giving you away. Be aware of how you're presenting yourself on all fronts.

Suggested Readings

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Mehrabian, Albert. Silent Messages: Implicit Communication of Emotions and Attitudes. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing Co. Nonverbal Communication.

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Questions for You

When people look at my face, what messages are they receiving?

What do people think when they see me smile?

What do people think when they hear me laugh?

Questions for Your Team

When people see a picture of the team, what messages might they be receiving?

Tools and Exercises

Take the top 3 easiest and the top 3 most difficult questions you typically receive and record yourself giving the answers to those questions. Watch the results and see if you can spot the differences in how your facial expressions show up.

Record a close up of your face when presenting any topic (especially one where you are confident and do not need to read the script) for less than 30 seconds. Choose a topic you really like talking about or use the opening few slides of your investor pitch. Take that video of you and ask 10-25 people (inside and outside of your company) to view it and answer some questions such as, tell you what they think about, what they see or what they think the person is feeling when they speak or what messages they are getting from the speaker. Nathan Gold suggests using Amazon Mechanical Turks where you can get people to do this for you for .25 or .50 cents. The answers will amaze you!

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