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Captivating any audience is something everyone can do. This lecture will show you how!

Suggested Readings

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Questions for You

Using S.A.M.E., create one simile, analogy, and metaphor for your product or service.

Test the results with 10 people to see how they respond, and rework it.

Keeping in mind that similes, analogies, and metaphors are culturally sensitive, create two more that can be used as backup.

Questions for Your Team

Ask each team member (or others close to you) to brainstorm as many similes, analogies, and metaphors that could be used to describe your business. Have them do this by themselves.

Do the same for your product or service.

Gather together and let each person report their discoveries. Take the results and fine tune your messages. Keep all notes for future reference.

Craft at least three of these into statements for use in presentations.

Tools and Exercises

Become a student of what you see and hear around you by looking for similes, analogies, and metaphors.

Create a S.A.M.E. list in your smartphone or in the cloud, and add to the list every time you see or hear an interesting one. Even write down crazy ones.

Create a Story Matrix(℠), using Craig Wortmann's guidelines (PDF).

Continue to add to your Story Matrix(℠) as you recall or create new stories.

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